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mechanical device consisting of a toothed wheel or rack engaged with a pawl that permits it to move in only one direction

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We look forward to delivering the Mt Emerald Wind Farm connection for Ratch and continuing to partner with other renewable energy customers across Queensland.
The higher ratings of RATCH mirror the stronger stand-alone credit quality of Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) and its closer ties with the power generator where it commands a 45% stake.
Other Jackie Robinson Park volunteers who were honored were Christine Frances for time devoted to Friends of Jackie Robinson Park; Moses Primus for nine years as a Friend of Jackie Robinson Park; Demetrius Williams for assistance with the fitness boot camp, the health fair and other events; Vanessa Webb for teaching dance and involvement in special events; Wanda and Earl Thomas for their assistance in youth and adult athletics; Massond Ratch for donating his time and his land for parking during Juneteenth; Sabrina Hartman for organizing the youth softball league; and Karen Barrick-Alvarez for donating time and funds for the youth softball league.
You take the worst form of verbal abuse you've ever heard and ratch it up a notch.
Once again curator Noel Ratch has brought a distinctive and highly effective approach to the project.
Pretty Kitty becomes Puddy Puddy, which in turn becomes Boody, which in turn becomes Bood; Rascal becomes Rascally Rabbit, which in turn becomes Ratch, which in turn becomes Hatch, which in turn becomes Hatchet; Rutabaga becomes Rooty B, which in turn becomes Rootin' Tootin', which in turn becomes Toot; Claudius becomes Clawed, which in turn becomes Clawsums, which in turn becomes Claw Claw.
At the Collinsville Solar Farm, UGL will supply Ratch Australia with EPC and testing, generating revenue of $83 million over 13 months.
No doubt this is precisely what curator, Noel Ratch, was longing to achieve when he undertook Dieppe: Canada's Sacrifice as his first significant military project.
The computer-generated creatures are so detailed that the picture of the Ratch, one of the futuristic animals, includes more than 750,000 individual hairs.
He just marveled at the growth of the club,'' said staffer Jeannette DeRosier Ratch.
The project is being developed by major renewable investor Ratch Australia and will boost Queensland investment by $380 million, creating 150 direct jobs during construction, which is expected to commence in early December.
She died of a single gunshot wound to the neck, and was bbbed of possessions worth pounds 8,200: a (Horgio Armani ratch, a white gold and diamond bracelet, a handbag and a lackberry phone.
The project will consist of 180,000 solar panels and meet the electricity demands of 15,000 households, and is expected to commence operations in 2018, says Rum Herabat, CEO, RATCH.
Another rat descendant will be the RATCH - a scavenger the size of a pig, with long legs, web-like feet and a whiskered snout to help it probe for dead animals in the mud.