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On 14 August 2011, we observed a Mexican Jay holding a dead juvenile Baird's Rat Snake (Pantherophis bairdi) in its bill (Fig.
The red rat snake, which is not native to Worcester County, is a close relative of the native, but endangered, black rat snake.
Rat snakes come from Florida and can grow up to seven feet long.
It's better than having mice, and at least with the rat snake around, we don't deal with cat hair or dander.
Tons of spiders (large and small), toads, a rat snake and usually a box turtle or two all take up residence under the mulch.
Local television images showed the black and yellow reptile, reportedly a species of rat snake, being uncoiled and plucked slowly from the toilet bowl.
Mr Khamis later confirmed it was a harmless rat snake, which are common across Bahrain.
I showed them a trinket snake, vine snake, sand boa, wolf snake, cat snake, rat snake .
The foraging ecology of the gray rat snake (Elophe obsolete spiloides)--visual stimuli facilitate location of arboreal prey.
The corn snake, or red rat snake, is a North American species that subdue their small prey with constriction.
The seventeen short poems in the section "From the Notebooks of a Naturalist" celebrate creatures as varied as the elephant, the rat snake, the chameleon, and fireflies, and Sivaramakrishnan's illustrations complement the poetry.
Sounds: Silent, except some snakes may rattle their tails when annoyed, including the rattlesnakes, milk snake, and black rat snake.
Danitsa Cochran (above left) and Emily Kartub react to a curious albino black rat snake during a visit by The Reptile Man, also known as Richard Ritchey.