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having low density


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However, United are going from the rarified air at the top of the mountain to the chill at the bottom .
The attractive Belluz high falsetto was embellished by a surprisingly cogent low register, while Huhtanen, always acting her roles to telling effect, was elegantly poignant with Handel and easily demonstrated control of the rarified Schoenberg elements.
With the potential to occupy the rarified air of titles like S.
With over 2,500 guns engraved, this father/ son team are, without a doubt, among the rarified top world-class engravers out there.
Is it something as crass as turning lead into gold, or as rarified as a spiritual rebirth?
But in this age of austerity, it should help you to know that we're in rarified company.
For Silvestrov, this beauty can be found in the sacred, and he is in rarified, if sparse, company in his aesthetic: in the late twentieth century there were only a few Western musicians of note still concerned with sacred music, among them Olivier Messiaen, Francis Poulenc, and Bernd Alois Zimmermann.
In the rarified atmosphere of Westminster, perhaps this indicates that MPs are in imminent danger of malnutrition.
In these rarified surrounds he is treated with an element of respect despite his status and given the best education, but he can't help making a dangerous enemy of the Sultan's son Mehmet.
The book, published by Twelve, will join the rarified ranks of posthumously published books written by political figures, such as Richard Nixon's "Beyond Peace" and Ronald Reagan's "The Reagan Diaries.
Small wonder, perhaps, when many have been shown to have spent public money on luxuries way beyond the reach of us mere mortals outside the rarified surroundings of Westminster.
And Elsevier is rubbing serifs with some rather rarified publishing giants, such as Johannes Gutenberg; Italian printer Alde Manuce, whose portable "octovo" books were the 15th-century precursor of the modern paperback; and French printer Firmin Di-dot, who revolutionized the book industry at the end of the 18th century with the invention of the "stereotype," a metal printing plate that made it much cheaper to print books.
It's a pretty rarified crossover but if you're the sort of person who doesn't mind carrying their shopping home in their arms every time it rains then rush out and buy one by all means.
Tsingtao executives visiting from China were happy to see their brand image posted in the rarified billboard precinct of Times Square.
Anime still seems a rarified field for a lot of Americans - exotic cinema from a far-off land.