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a rare or unique person


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Many rare birds have a limited range, so loss of habitat through pollution and development can be devastating.
Note: The Dupres' discovery made Cornell's Rare Bird Sighting list.
I was in Shetland with my husband between Christmas and New Year to see a rare bird.
8220;Rare Bird Trading Company was proud to provide this homegrown celebration for our friends from CIPA in recognition of recent investments by several of our state's businesses to exhibit their wares and services for sale in the country,” said Pat Long, Rare Bird CEO.
But West Midlands Police said they were ready to snare those behind crimes such as the theft of rare bird eggs, the smuggling of endangered species like tortoises, badger baiting and the illegal trade in traditional medicines.
TWITCHERS are lining up to see a rare bird that has touched down at Martin Mere wildfowl centre near Ormskirk.
SANTA CLARITA -- Finding a suitable home's not always easy, but for one rare bird even the perfect love nest won't do.
Yet while the sudden discovery of the ivory-billed woodpecker gave instant international recognition to this newly proclaimed corridor of hope, we should remember that hope existed long before anyone dreamed this rare bird was still chiseling away cellulose in search of beetle larvae.
99) receives Claudia Rueda's colorful, whimsical drawings as it tells of a rare bird proud of his brilliant feathers and songs--but lonely that there's nobody to share his beauty with.
A Hume's yellow-browed warbler: is this rare bird a plant?
She is that rare bird, an artist who has developed her own idiosyncratic vocabulary, but invariably and generously she gives her audience something new to see and think about with every dance she makes.
Kotuku is the Maori word for the great white heron, a rare bird that appears to Wire in the marsh, a bird Wire learns about when she understands some Maori mythology.
It was, after all, 1956, when virtually no one in the world dared to play the role of Public Homosexual--except for a rare bird like Crisp.
British Airways has volunteered to fly an injured hobby bird to Africa after it learnt that the four-month-old rare bird of prey would starve if it remained in Colchester, Essex.
Avosetta is the Latin name of a rare bird which resulted in the European Court of Justice establishing far-reaching principles of European nature protection law in the German Leybucht Case.