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Synonyms for rara avis


Synonyms for rara avis

a rare or unique person


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Rara Avis, especially when Laurent is tending to the clients, is the closest you get to classic French service.
These days, fun is such a rara avis in the medium that we forget how it used to be until a show like NBC's "Crossbones'' comes along to remind us.
Since Austen is that literary rara avis whose work may well receive more attention without the academy than within it, Matters of Fact might help demonstrate to readers outside the ivory tower the potential richness and density of texts.
Cesar Rendueles ha escrito un libro de extraordinaria aceptacion e inmenso impacto, una rara avis en un mundo en el que los libros academicos no salen de los pequenos circulos de expertos.
Hay algunos textos destacables porque proponen no solo teoria sino tambien una metodologia feminista, una rara avis.
The interim set up is in place, the clock is fast ticking up and the rara avis spectacle in country's 70 years history is being re-run.
Some nights before my memorable Shiraz experience, I dined at Rara Avis, a great addition to Delhi's crowded dining out scene, with a particularly bad bottle of Sula's Viognier 2011.
And Heller is a rara avis herself: an artist who paints with full feeling and mastery of means, trusting her process unselfconsciously and following her distinctive vision.
En la perspectiva de los economistas, es la publicidad tambien una rara avis, por su condicion elusiva de una facil relacion mecanicista entre variables input y output.
This sense of remoteness constitutes the thread that ties his oeuvre together Over the course of what is now a nearly thirty-year career, this rara avis of contemporary art making has whetted his solitary fascination with the understated poetry of the ties that bind nature to culture.
Aportaciones para una historia de la nacion, Mexico, El Colegio de Mexico, Escuela Nacional de Antropologia e Historia, Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia, 2008), ya nos mostro a una muy rara avis en el panorama historiografico del que procedia, el espanol, y a un historiador poco usual en su academia de acogida, la mexicana.
Although some scholars may quibble over whether or not Stoker has succeeded in this effort, his Grand Design, a one-volume history that examines the role of strategy in the Civil War, is something of a rara avis.
The collection's name, Rara Avis, comes from Apfel's nickname in the fashion world meaning "rare bird.
Robert Ellis Smith is that rara avis who, after three and a half decades, is still practically a one-man show as editor-publisher of his newsletter.
I have been to several rainforests and seen many epiphytes during my travels but the rainforest around Rara Avis was unparalleled and simply magical.