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Synonyms for rapturous



Synonyms for rapturous

feeling great rapture or delight

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"And PM @narendramodi receives a rapturous welcome on his arrival at the Indian Heritage Centre in Singapore which traces the journey of the Indian community in the Southeast Asian region," official spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Raveesh Kumar tweeted.
"To everyone's surprise she belts out The Wonder Of You, to rapturous applause."
JOHN Sergeant made his return to Strictly last night - to be greeted by rapturous applause from the audience.
1910: Edward Elgar conducted the first performance of his violin concerto, played by Fritz Kreisler, in Queen's Hall, London, to rapturous applause.
Round-the-world runner Rosie Swale Pope arrived home after a five-year journey to a rapturous reception yesterday.
Written in a day-by-day (or night-by-night) journal entry format, Oozing the Moon describes the rapturous wonder of simply contemplating natural life, the galaxy, and the expanding universe.
This series's compositional terseness has emboldened the artist to be more painterly and emotionally expansive, and both the melancholic and rapturous qualities of his paintings are now more apparent than ever.
Written smoothly with an eye for the rapturous beauty of land and architecture alike, An Enchanting Journey is an up close and personal travelogue and surely the next best thing to hiking across France in person.
Mendis, whose rapturous enthusiasm for the Dear Leader's bold global vision wreaks havoc with his prose, continues: "We need a global body that transcends universal values that are essentially enshrined in the American founding documents--which are indeed spiritual....
Maybach says there are no plans to put it into production, but given its rapturous reception, I wouldn't be too sure.
Gus Van Sant's Elephant, a surprise winner at Cannes this year, has been received with rapturous critical approval, but most audiences will find it difficult to relate to its poetic approach to the 1999 Columbine massacre.
It's rapturous music played in rapturous style by Abbado and his distinguished orchestra, and it's good we got it at all.
The excerpt from Kirk Peterson's Dancing With Monet (A Gathering at Argenteuil) performed at the opening night gala--two rapturous duets to piano music by Claude Debussy--made one wish for more.
It was there a month ago (a tad neglected) following the boy's rapturous reception at the RIBA but I'm not sure whether it will still he live when you read this.