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Synonyms for rapine

the act of despoiling a country in warfare


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and what if they be guilty of the same rapine and plunder the possessions of the majority, that will be as right as the other: but that all things of this sort are wrong and unjust is evident.
At his command havoc and rapine were let loose once more among the temples of the worship of Brahmah.
My master, continuing his discourse, said, "there was nothing that rendered the YAHOOS more odious, than their undistinguishing appetite to devour every thing that came in their way, whether herbs, roots, berries, the corrupted flesh of animals, or all mingled together: and it was peculiar in their temper, that they were fonder of what they could get by rapine or stealth, at a greater distance, than much better food provided for them at home.
Al-Hadji and his bands then repassed the Senegal, and reappeared in the Kaarta, continuing their rapine and murder.--Well, here below us is the very country in which he has found refuge with his hordes of banditti; and I assure you that it would not be a good thing to fall into his hands."
I humbly submit that those who are committing rapine and murder to enforce a discredited policy are labouring under a curse.
Veritable seisme a une epoque ou les peuples etaient toujours victimes de rapine. Le choix du lieu n'est sans doute pas fortuit pour annoncer une mesure qui change radicalement la conduite du developpement de l'economie nationale.
A company named Rapine Bullet Molds, now out of business, offered a design for a 0.357", 150-gr.
Crime against the public exchequer and against the statute must be investigated, of course, as also serious murder and rapine, but that would need an entirely new organisation, purged of the evil that has penetrated the current lot.
De la, cette rapine est organisee par des dirigeants du polisario qui maillent le trajet par d'influentes protections algeriennes vers des marches en Algerie, en Mauritanie et au Mali.
Louis XIV "lived upon Spoils and Rapine and sacrificed many Thousands of his own Subjects, and of his innocent Enemies, to his own Lust and Ambition." Sherlock was among the many who seconded that "all Mankind agree" regarding the need to stop tyrannical expansion.
He had participated in plunder, rapine and slaughter, and had observed firsthand the revenue-generating potential of this productive land watered by numerous snow-fed rivers.
In a conflict misidentified as religious, it is important for the religious of all faiths to clarify what is religion and what is just bloody ambition; what is prayer and what is rapine disguised as piety.
Let us be to each other instruments of reciprocal rapine. Michigan steals on copper; Maine on lumber; Pennsylvania on iron; North Carolina on peanuts; Massachusetts on cotton goods; Connecticut on hair pins; New Jersey on spool thread; Louisiana on sugar, and so on.
We are obliged to hold intercourse and transact business and mix up in life with knaves possessing little or no reflection, with a vast number of persons addicted to brutality, intoxication, and rapine. You may, if you please, preach to them that the soul of man is mortal.