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a straight sword with a narrow blade and two edges


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In 2012 we launched the new rapier machine R9500 under the guidance and leadership of the new CEO, Mr.
He shows exactly why consumption of fossil fuel continues to grow ROBERT RAPIER environmental analyst
Daniel Burnett, MD, founder and CEO of Potrero Medical said, 'Dr Rapier is a tremendous addition to our board of directors.
Rapier joins Multivoice after spending the past two years as the executive vice president of worldwide sales at MultiLing.
Rapier Systems technicians installed the equipment and had the service operational in less than a day.
The Rapiers, from San Antonio, are involved in a number of philanthropic endeavors.
The deal could have gone even further with the supply of the latest Rapier anti-aircraft missiles.
THURSDAY Jimmy Carr - Rapier Wit, Caird Hall, Dundee Tickets pounds 22.
The troupe's founder, Bradley Rapier, and director Danny Cistone, worked together to meld the choreography with narration that tells the dancers' stories, what they love about dancing and what it has meant in their lives.
Dancer Bradley Rapier first came to this realization several years ago, while he was interviewing the hip-hop dance troupe The Groovaloos for some instructional videos they had produced.
this 1934 Lagonda Rapier belonging to amateur classic car restorer Mike Mohr, of Claverley, near Bridgnorth, is taking pride of place in a car show tomorrow as part of Scientriffic, a science and technology day, at the University of Wrexham.
Rapier commissioned Bennett to write the play when he learned that the writer went on regular camping trips to Topaz Mountain as a child.
5" HDDs in a stylish design and trendy colours, the high-tech, high-quality gaming mice Rapier V1 and V2, as well as Verbatim's and memory cards to capture your best memories during the festive season.
Picanol NV, a maker of weaving machines based in Ieper, Belgium, markets a variety of models, including a family of high-speed rapier looms sold under the name OptiMax.
Faulk is a member of the Groovaloos, the Los Angeles-based troupe of hip hop, funk, and street dancers that wowed audiences last summer at Burbank's Falcon Theatre in a stage show called--what else--Groovaloo, tn the 90-minute work, directed by Danny Cistone, other dancers tell their own tales, including Groovaloo founder and show co-creator Bradley "Shooz" Rapier and Stephen "Boogie Man" Stanton.