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Synonyms for rapacious

Synonyms for rapacious

having an insatiable appetite for an activity or pursuit

Synonyms for rapacious

living by preying on other animals especially by catching living prey

excessively greedy and grasping

Related Words

devouring or craving food in great quantities

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the fat Iraqi smuggler haggling complacently if rapaciously over the fifteen dinars, the going price (he said) in Basra, to (more than) cover the cost of their treacherous transit to Kuwait.
The noble man does not to take rapaciously but waits patiently.
That was quite fashionable, and for a while there, every big pharma CEO either had to explain how rapaciously his company was on the proWI for big acquisitions, or be ready to give some good reasons why not.
The commons will continue to be rapaciously "developed" for the profit of the few; the poor will continue to be evicted from the commons and marginated from the cornmon good.
In recent years, the protests of citizens about the commercialization of beaches along the Clifton sea-shore and beyond have been mounting, but are totally ignored by the rapaciously greedy DHA and the concerned government authorities.
So, the individual has the freedom to act either for or against anarchism, but the activity of authoritarians cannot turn humanity into the rapaciously self-seeking individuals that Kropotkin associates with capitalism.
Looking sharper, faster and more determined than he has done in 12 months; The Yak helped establish the home side's stronger start by closing down Liverpool's defence rapaciously, even conceding a foul for sprinting to stop Sotirios Kyrgiakos from clearing.
In common with rhetoric employed by revolutionaries across the world since at least the 18th century, the powerful classes were posited as external parasites rapaciously feeding upon the body politic.
It provides new arguments and evidence about how systematically and rapaciously the French colonial enterprise exploited North Africa and weakened the local social infrastructure in both overt and subtle ways.
For even though it is suggested that the Giant lives as a glutton who feasts rapaciously on animal and human life, the pastoral meadow scene that Arthur passes on his way up the mountain reminds us that the animal population on Mont St.
He struck that for four, defended skilfully against the moving ball early on and went on to punish anything short or leg-side rapaciously.
His points were true enough, but such chastisement was hard to take from a guy who heads one of the most rapaciously greedy insurance corporations in the world, a company whose former CEO, Bill McGuire, was taken down in a Dept.
2) This status entitles him to rule the people permanently and rapaciously, whether they want him to or not--hence Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's proprietary (as opposed to patriotic) declaration that "Zimbabwe is mine.
To be sure, Madonna will rise above such setbacks, and even if her label is starting to show some wear, there is simply no other ego as rapaciously and inexhaustibly fascinating as hers.
Erskine rushes onto the balcony, "tumbling forward on his face, his long, hairy arms flaying the air rapaciously, like the paws of a huge beast clutching for something to devour, to rend to pieces" (52).