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the daily written record of events (as arrests) in a police station

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Just about every seat in the waiting room was occupied, as a single attorney called people back one at a time to go over their rap sheets.
The algorithm assigns defendants a risk score based on data pulled from records for their current case and their rap sheet. The only demographic data it uses is age--not race or anything else.
According to his rap sheet, Carter is often picked up for being a "suspicious person." Well, yeah!
The fight to trust that athletes can still create heroes without rap sheets, virtue without chemicals, nobility with grace.
Why the Vietnam War but not the Soviet war in Afghanistan?) If it is offered to suggest America and the USSR had equally sordid rap sheets, it fails.
The latter provides criminal history, rap sheets and other vital sources of information used by local agencies and private companies.
Now, APBnews.com posts the Super Bowl Rap Sheet, a special section on NFL players and crime, including the rap sheets for 13 Super Bowl participants.
Minimum Data Sets and RAP Sheets for all jurisdictions are available and kept in compliance with state regulations.
* Whether rap sheets were available under the FOIA if they had been compiled from public records.
wrote in his rap sheets that he violated Article 171 paragraph 4 of the Revised Penal Code, which is the offense of falsification of public documents.