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genre of African-American music of the 1980s and 1990s in which rhyming lyrics are chanted to a musical accompaniment

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In other words, it is quite likely that much of what is expressed in rap music is not meant to be taken literally in the same manner in which numerous biblical stories are quite troubling if taken literally.
Imus was universally condemned for his remarks, but the debate over rap music still rages.
If such words and images are where many young Black folks get their gender messages, including their ideas about sex, love, friendship, dating and marriage, then rap music tells us some disturbing things about how the hip-hop generation sees and reacts to gender issues.
Wood's observation of our increasing tolerance of an anger aesthetic--onfrontational political discourse, hostile rap music, off-putting tattoos--could have gone further.
One way I've kept my children in tune with today's rap music is the instrumentals I get online.
The hip-hop generation, whose members have propagated hip hop culture and rap music, does not form a homogeneous group, so I want to define as closely as possible who the hip hop generation is.
The first four albums that Public Enemy recorded transcended rap music.
We think the court reporter, unfamiliar with rap music, misunderstood Hayden's response.
On weekdays, people crowd the sidewalks nearby as boomboxes play the latest rap music.
Arguably, rap music represents a form of spoken word poetry to which many youngsters respond favorably (Corbin & Pruitt, 1999).
RAP music will be among the mediums used at a series of workshops in Warwick to showcase leadership skills to Land Rover apprentices.
Specifically, the position advanced is that sampling is an inherent aspect of rap music, and rap music has a useful, artistic, educational value for African Americans.
3, 2003) reports that rap music videos often portray a world teeming with sex and violence that can encourage teenage girls to do negative things.
Sir, -Recently the Government has blamed the increase in gun crime on rap music and its musical influences on the young generation of today.
Young black women who spend a lot of time watching rap music videos may be at increased risk of poor health outcomes.