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Synonyms for rant

Synonyms for rant

to speak in a loud, pompous, or prolonged manner

pretentious, pompous speech or writing

Synonyms for rant

a loud bombastic declamation expressed with strong emotion

pompous or pretentious talk or writing

talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner

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In our macho world where men wear the pants in the family, Rant showed how to help the wife blossom and he found a role by her side.
After the first person rants for 15-20 seconds, the conductor shifts their hand to someone else.
A third said: "Danny Dyer on a rant calling David Cameron a t*** on live tv, I love it."
Dennis Fois, CEO for Rant & Rave, said "We're delighted to welcome Northern Gas Networks to the 'raveolution."
Sheriff Charles Macnair QC, a former officer in the Queen's Own Highlanders, told Litherland: "If you thought members of the Army would associate themselves with that rant, you would be wrong."
| DOING THE TWIST: Jodie Bellwood (8), Hannah Stead (6) and Gavin Stead (9) at the Yetton Rant on Spring Bank Holiday weekend in May 1999 (tmc200513NOSyetton1) | HERE'S HOOPING: Rebecca Chambers, left, and Claire Flaherty attempt to ring a prize at one of the side shows at the annual Yetton Rant in Kirkheaton (tmc200513NOSyetton2)
I believe when you are criticising my rant then your rants have the upper hand and what you say in your comments is nothing short of BS.
ANDERS BREIVIK is an extensive blogger whose online rants about politics expose him as a Nazi sympathiser.
BROADCASTER Joan Bakewell is taking part in a Rebel Rant event organised by books festival Writing on the Wall.
No news there, except this rant is about his own pay.
One of the Rantman's finest rants ever was missing its last sentence in Volume 17, Issue 1 (Michael Nickerson's "The Accountability Flu"), preventing full enjoyment of this latest, greatest rant.
Agora Publishing recently moved in that direction with its Internet Rant title.
has come up with a novel way to reach the Gen Y college crowd: let them "rant, vent and complain" about their experience with banks and soon enough they'll switch to United Federal.
The story of Rant is told by a variety of different voices - his friends, foes and family.
This is a rant--a rant against all those "Olde Towne" and "Courtyards" communities.