ransom money

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money demanded for the return of a captured person


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The ransom money? Well, a little will have to be deducted as 'professional fee' to those who could have been contracted to execute the 'kidnapping.' The rest still goes back to the 'victims'.
But the abductors did not release Jongwook after receiving the ransom money.
They set him free after receiving ransom money of Rs600,000.
owner of a local factory and released him after receiving Rs 25 million ransom money.
all the four accused and recovered ransom money Rs.
Omar also said that he had not received any calls from the suspects nor the victims for claims of ransom money.
The killed criminal had abducted Naveed alias Nomi, nephew of Speaker Sindh Assembly Agha Siraj Durrani in 2016 and son of Hemen Dass, Senator from Balochistan who were later released after receiving ransom money of Rs 60,00,000 and Rs 90,00,000 respectively.
MR Anselem Dunu, the elder brother of Donatus Dunu, the Chairman of Maydon Pharmaceutical Limited, who was kidnapped on February 14, 2017, allegedly by kidnap kingpin, Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike alias Evans on Friday revealed that a strange voice gave him instructions on where to drop the ransom money.
Lee's girlfriend delivered the ransom money at Marquee Mall, Angeles City.
While the anonymous benefactor returned the ransom money to the bank when his offer to obtain any information pertaining to the identities of Papini's captors expired last Wednesday, Gamble said the amount the donor would give to her family was "really up to him at this point."
The kidnappers had received ransom money amounting to Rs 2 million from her and now they had demanded that the house owned by her husband be transferred in their name.
Abu Sayyaf beheaded the two Canadians it seized last year with Sekkingstad, the first one in April and the other in June, after a deadline for the payment of ransom money lapsed.
According to the source, ransom money was now the key demand of the jihadi group, and the main reason behind General Security head Maj.
But Mayor Hussin Amin of Jolo, the capital of Sulu province, called for an investigation of the alleged involvement of Philippine officials in the payment of the ransom money.
Three men each jailed for one year for kidnap, assault and demanding ransom money