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a thorough search for something (often causing disorder or confusion)


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The Civil Lines police had registered a case against the accused on charges of making provocative speeches, ransacking of the government and public properties and others during protests.
Lahore [Pakistan] June 23( ANI ): The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) on Saturday expressed its concern over the ransacking of human rights activist Marvi Sirmed's home in Islamabad.
Meanwhile, troops conducted a similar raid into Fahma village, South of Jenin, in the Northern West Bank, detaining a Palestinian, ransacking two homes and interrogating their owners.
The Iranian Labor News Agency quoted him as saying all the accused were found innocent of the main charge of deliberately attacking and ransacking the embassy.
They caused more than PS400 of damage after breaking through the wall of the adjacent counselling offices and ransacking the shop.
The burglary was made worse by the element of ransacking, drawers had been overturned and papers strewn around the floor.
An official like him surely had dozens of men to do dirty jobs for him, especially something as evil as "ransacking" a dead man's office or home.
Tsering's family members and some villagers ransacked the nearby government building and police station after learning of his death, Xinhua said, adding that investigations into the shooting and the ransacking cases were taken up by the judiciary.
The same source adds that these acts caused the burning of one part of the sectoral division of the Police-to-Aid neighbouring the ministry's premises and ransacking of the traffic police station, as well as another police station.
"Police saw a wooden panel from the rear door had been removed and there was evidence of ransacking of the premises," said Jim Hope, prosecuting.
KARACHI, May 11 -- Police arrested seven people belonging to the Hazara community for ransacking an office of the Awami National Party (ANP) and also injuring three activists of the party on Monday.
Yet they still locked the house so Gary and Kirsty couldn't get in, sealed water pipes and the lavatory, turned the electricity off and took jewellery and money as well as ransacking the place.
ignored her questions as to what he wanted, and began ransacking her house.
I sympathise with him for having his car ransacked in broad daylight but the ransacking of a car bears no comparison to the terrible, endless suffering of many Merseyside families who have lost loved ones in road accidents as a result of speeding motorists.
But prosecutors say Anders, who appeared in the dock at Liverpool Crown Court in a wheelchair, has no physical disability and it was he who stabbed his wife before ransacking the home and making up a story about a burglar.