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Synonyms for ransack

Synonyms for ransack

to make a thorough search of

to rob of goods by force, especially in time of war

Synonyms for ransack

search thoroughly


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The next Ransackers programme at Fircroft College starts in October and is free, including all accommodation, food, tuition and learning resources.
Pierre Bourdieu argues that the increasing importance of symbolic goods in contemporary capitalism has increased the demand for "cultural specialists." These cultural specialists ransack various traditions and cultures in order to produce new interpretations and uses that can be consumed.(48) Certainly plastic shamans, as well as other New Age entrepreneurs, could be viewed as "ransackers" of Native American spiritual traditions in search of ways to market them to consumers.
James recently decided to enrol on the ten-week residential Ransackers programme at Fircroft, which is aimed exclusively at adults aged 55 and over who have not previously studied at higher education level.
The next Ransackers programme, which is free including all accommodation, food, tuition and learning resources, starts in October.
The Ransackers programme, at Fircroft College of Adult Education, in Selly Oak, is a free 10- week residential course for more mature students who have not previously studied at a higher level.