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Synonyms for rankle

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To think I wouldn't be able to rectify it the season after because I had retired or left would rankle.
But the thing which must really rankle with Bolton is the abject feeling of guilt after taking pounds 2.
Maybe it's because he's not very athletic; in fact, he's a little effeminate and that always tends to rankle some people: football coaches, truck drivers, and just about anyone from Texas.
While the Lani Guinier episode shows that mainstream Americans still rankle at the idea of defining individuals solely in terms of their race and sex, the practice of "stakeholder representation" does not differ much in principle.
Results of the four-year study involving more than 15,000 veterans are likely to rankle some of those who have reported special problems among Vietnam veterans.
Writer-director Doug Atchison, a first-timer, lays on the drama a bit thick at times, but his button-pushing doesn't really rankle because his cast is so good.
It might rankle with a few of Rovers' loyal fans - notably those who booed Clint last weekend - but he deserves all the success and plaudits that come his way.
But I guess something will always rankle in the female mind.
But that does not mean it will not rankle with ASW's angry employees.
Among the belly-laugh quotes, he reveals enough of the workings of the bachelor mind to rankle the political-correctness monitors on campus.
That will rankle with me forever but at least the future of this club is secure.
Parks as chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, a decision sure to rankle the mayor's longtime supporters in the African-American community.
He said: "It does rankle with me that thugs who attack their spouses and partners frequently get off as they can terrorise them directly or indirectly to withdraw their statement.
IT MUST rankle with Lance Armstrong that despite winning the Tour de France seven times and seeing off cancer he'll never be regarded as a Chris Hoy.