rank-order correlation coefficient

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the most commonly used method of computing a correlation coefficient between the ranks of scores on two variables

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To compute the Spearman rank-order correlation coefficient the initial assessment data and the second assessment data were separately ranked.
As noted, Spearman's rank-order correlation coefficient of .72 was significant at the 0.01 level.
First, BP tracking was estimated by calculating Spearman's rank-order correlation coefficients stratified by sex and age and potential hypertension risk factors (overweight/obesity, birthweight and parental hypertension).
Table 2: Spearman rank-order correlation coefficients for six year-tracking of BP in children and adolescents in Germany.
Spearman rank-order correlation coefficients were then calculated on the summed vendor SFTARs, link-resolver click-throughs, and local citation counts.
Table 4 shows the Spearman rank-order correlation coefficients for the associations between exposure and chelation challenge response.
Table 3 shows the matrix of the Spearman rank-order correlation coefficients between the development and validation panelists' ratings of quality of care for these 102 cases.