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Previous studies on ranid tadpoles have found predator-naive tadpoles exhibit an acute stress response upon predator exposure that is mediated by a reduction in the whole-body concentration of a stress hormone, corticosterone (Middlemis Maher et al., 2013).
Murphy and others (2006) and Papoulias and others (2013) both found that atrazine concentrations were not significantly associated with hermaphroditism in ranid frogs, but that testicular oocyte incidence was significantly greater in juvenile frogs collected from agricultural sites versus non-agricultural sites.
insignis worms, it seems probable that natural Dracunculus infections are not limited to frogs of the genus Phrynobatrachus but may well include numerous other ranids and highly aquatic Xenopus species frogs (African clawed frogs), which are common and native to Chad.
However, our recent study revealed the presence of two subtypes of AQP6vs (type 1 (AQPa2S, type a) and type 2 (AQPa2S, type b)) in these Ranid species (Finn et al., 2014; Saitoh et al., 2014) (Table 1).
Leopard frogs and wood frogs are the earliest breeding ranids at Dave's Pond, followed by the crawfish frog, with green frog and bullfrog breeding significantly later.
Assessing Ecosystem Health and Pollution in Saginaw County, Michigan Using Parasite-Host Relationships in Two Species of Ranid Frogs.
The distribution of these ranid frogs is documented in older literature but Nanorana vicina has recently been re-discovered after 130 years since its initial description (Baig, 2002).
Letters: ABDEILNORST SLEET RANID STAIN REDIA RATES SOBER EROSE ABORT LITRE TIARA NAILS DEBAR leets tains tabor relit snail ardeb barde In the diagrams above, the lowercase words are those that result from reading one of the uppercase words starting at a different letter.
Species infected with Bd covered a wide phylogenetic range including four species of plethodontid (lungless) salamanders, three species of toads, five hylid frogs (or "tree frogs"), and four ranid frogs (or "true frogs").
One study showed that atrazine has similar effects on the nervous system of Ranid frogs (Papaefthimiou et al.
This study investigated wild populations of ranid frogs across the state of Illinois to determine their susceptibility of contracting WNV.
Mike Sredl (MSredl@azgfd.gov) is the Ranid Frog Programs Manager for the Arizona Game and Fish Department in Phoenix.