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land suitable for grazing livestock

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Most of the rangelands are degraded due to increasing pressure from human and livestock populations coupled with frequent droughts, the report says.
The overall visual inspection showed a degraded and overgrazed area, as is the case in general for rangeland all over Jordan (Al-Bakri and Abu-Zanat 2007).
Results from a UC study suggest that a majority of California's rangeland is resistant to sheet and rill erosion if recommended residual forage dry matter levels are being achieved.
'We have been given some targets including roadside, canalside plantation, irrigated plantation, mangroves and rangeland. We have completed the target by 80 percent in different components by planting 16 million trees out of a total 20 million trees target for Sindh while covering roadside, canalside, irrigated plantation , mangroves and rangeland,' he said.
Degradation of rangeland is raising due to (i) no emphasis on grazing management programmes and (ii) removing of vegetation for wood fuel without any obvious influence of rangeland possession.
Substantially all of Rangeland II's field employees will be invited to remain with the asset as employees of Andeavor.
RBC Capital Markets served as the sole financial adviser to Rangeland Energy with Managing Director, Energy Mergers & Acquisitions, Ali Akbar, and Managing Director and Head of Midstream Group Drew Horn leading the RBC team.
Rangeland II owns and operates the RIO System, a multipart crude oil and frac sand logistics system originating in the heart of the Delaware Basin.
4 January 2018 - US-based petroleum refiner Tesoro Refining and Marketing Company LLC has reached an agreement with Texas, US-based crude oil and frac sand logistics system operator Rangeland Energy and its financial sponsor Texas, US-based EnCap Flatrock Midstream to acquire Rangeland Energy II, the company said.
There is some good news for at least some beef producers in western states: They might not have to wait 2 to 3 years after a spring wildfire to graze their cattle on federal rangelands.
PESHAWAR -- The Khyber Pakthunkhwa Government has formulated first Rangeland Policy to conserve and develop rangeland natural resource in the province in a very scientific manner.
Abstract: Rangeland management in arid and semi-arid regions requires comprehensive attention to ecological processes and consider the interrelationship of those processes.
The remote sensing data and field inventory were used to investigate the Land uses and land use change impacts from 1999 and 2012-13.The results showed that in the year 1999,11.51% of the total area was under water, whereas nearly 88.4% was under forest, rangeland and barren land.