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surveying instrument consisting of a straight rod painted in bands of alternate red and white each one foot wide

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(Check for true line-up with a range rod.) Severe misengagement between the hand and ratchet(s) can also require recutting the ratchet--which is akin to brain surgery for those who've not done it many times.
This little Big-Rex ramrod handle gives you steady leverage when seating your bullet, especially in the field when you don't have the luxury of a T-handled range rod. Four 209 shotshell primers can be stored in the handle.
The round, with the bullet just jumping the crimp, had to be tapped out of the chamber with a range rod and mallet.
You'll definitely want a range rod with a palm saver or T-handle attachment for sabots.
Cylinder alignment is checked by running a special tool called a range rod through the bore and into the cylinder throat.
Speaking about the incident earlier this week, a spokesman for the North Wales Police team in Rhyl said: "They had all the gear, tent, waterproofs, top of the range rods, bite alarms, enough food for a week.