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"The new Laser Range Finder Designator is more than two times more reliable, improves targeting performance and can be repaired or replaced on the flight line, which significantly reduces operation and support costs." - TradeArabia News Service
Hell, even golfers use laser range finders these days.
Besides a laser range finder and optical camera, some other sensors could also be used in SLAM.
When Smith arrived at Seahouses, he discovered the battery on his range finder was dead.
The new APD models feature 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, and/or 1.5 mm (diam.) active areas and exhibit low temperature coefficients of 0.45/V degrees C, making them ideal for optical fiber communication, laser range finder, and high-speed photometry applications.
Also new is version 1.6 of the company's software Field Mouse which supports additional input devices such as the Radiodetection 8000, PCM+ and a laser range finder. The range finder allows capturing full 3D coordinates of facilities and buildings off of the pipeline ROW.
Assistants will also benefit from a pounds 3,000 cash injection by leading range finder manufacturer SkyCaddie, a PGA partner, who have donated a similar amount to all seven regions.
Sitting inside the vehicle, a blind driver can turn the steering wheel, stop, and accelerate by following data from a computing unit that calls upon sensory information received from a laser range finder. Voice commands and a vibrating vest worn by the driver supplement the range finder's feedback.
Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide, 39, aided the docking procedure by using a laser range finder to measure the distance between the shuttle and the space station, reporting to Mark Kelly, commander of the shuttle, and pilot Kenneth Ham.
Precision Castings won the electronics category for their laser range finder and target acquisitioning system.
* Target information was fused from a laser range finder, a compass, and a GPS receiver and then sent to an intelligence system to be refined for high-precision resolution.
Besides the subjects mentioned in the title this volume also deals with the Vickers, the 3 inch mortar, grenades, the 1937 range finder and bayonet training.
The AIBO was equipped with touch sensors, a color camera that enabled it to detect shapes or colors of objects, a range finder for depth perception, LED lamps that indicated happiness with a green light and anger with a red light, and a stereo microphone for sound recognition.
When they put the range finder on it, the reading was 181 yards.
ProNCE provides editing tools for any length of NC program, an NC wizard for accurate, fast editing of cycles, macros and values, an XYZ range finder and line numbering/renumbering and back plotting capability.