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(the feminine of raja) a Hindu princess or the wife of a raja

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While the reader never hears from Ranee in her own voice, there are two vignettes in which she is the central actor.
Ranee and I--although from different generations--underwent intensive training side by side, living and breathing this timeless, poetic art form.
Henry Ranee (Alan Ruck), Angela's husband, has an unspecified malady that resembles early-onset dementia, but could be something else; one of her teen daughters is trying to recover from a personal tragedy; and the other is trying to keep everything together through sheer force of will.
The plant manager at Ranee Polymers said the company did not allow workers to operate machines without proper training.
In collaboration with jazz saxophonist and composer Rudresh Mahanthappa, Dance Directors Aparna Ramaswamy and Ranee Ramaswamy of the renowned Ragamala company explore and transcend the boundaries between the sensual and spiritual in human experience.
Also featured are Manitoba Co-operator editor Laura Ranee, local First Nations elders Barbara and Clarence Nepinak, former head of Agricultural Economics at the University of Manitoba, Dr.
At the University of West Alabama, for example, a proctoring solution from Software Secure has been in place for online programs since 2008, says Ranee Stevenson, director of instructional support for the university.
It was last year in the month of August 1668, that the said Pierre Rouxel, ship's officer and native of the parish of Plouay [in the Bay of Morbihan, Brittany], being on the coast of Newfoundland, on the Petit Nord, in a place commonly called Fleur de Lys where they carry on a cod fishery, the said Rouxel, being in the company of people from Dinan [in Cotes d'Armor, on the Ranee, inland of Saint-Malo], disembarked from a chaloupe and set foot ashore at the said Fleur de Lys, being engaged in hunting along the coast and being at the bottom of a bay, he remarked, near a brook, three stone outcrops which to him seemed to be the rocks of mines.
A Lady Doctor, Rebecca Yeastman, is suddenly called to the royal zenana to treat the Ranee (i.e., the queen).
The La Ranee Tidal power plant in France was built between 1960 and 1966.
Paul Damon, Geoff Dimmock, Stan Ranee, Tuyen Pham, Shirley Snelling and George Wan assisted in the field and laboratory.
Ranee Jayamaha, Chairperson, HNB, were a variety of topics ranging from entrepreneurship to current affairs.
By doing so, this article contributes to important social, theoretical discussions about supervised injection facilities for the urban poor, which have largely been ignored in the academic literature thus far (exceptions include Ranee & Fraser, 2011; Small, 2010).