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(thermodynamics) a thermodynamic quantity representing the amount of energy in a system that is no longer available for doing mechanical work

the quality of lacking any predictable order or plan

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To trigger behaviour that is even vaguely random, the operating system looks for sources of external randomness -- more properly called entropy -- the statistical measure of disorder within a set of data.
The first section is quite interdisciplinary, starting with a historical overview of notions of contingency, chance, and randomness from the ancient through medieval periods and as received in modern biological science (authored by a historian of rhetoric who has focused much of his life's work on the history of biology).
Once we fully understand the idea of randomness and the probability associated with any such event, a different conception of chance - and of history - emerges.
The method improves on previous randomness extractors because it requires only two sources of randomness, and those sources can be very weak.
In this paper randomness testing is carried out on the key schedule algorithms that evaluate the randomness of the sub keys.
The assumption of randomness was rejected if z > [absolute value of (z [alpha]/2)] at a 5% probability level.
The problem gets worse when people try to seek order in randomness and using this order make decisions emotionally.
Based on the activities used with the students, one aim of this article is to tease out some of the aspects of randomness that emerged as a result of this project that might be useful for other teachers.
Most try to decrease randomness, with executives conducting feasibility studies and risk analyses or tightening budgets, introducing more processes, standardising operations.
They said Brillantes removed the randomness of the audit by selecting and announcing the precincts way before Election Day.
How instrumental were randomness and uncertainty in the evolution ofhuman civilisation as we see it today?
However, each play is unique because of the randomness of the pictures chosen in the level, the randomness of the picture order, and the random placement of the answers.
Guys like the Norwegian lunatic, or the idiot who fancied himself a villain and opened fire in a Batman movie, are not so good, but still qualify as elements of randomness.
Nuno da Luz is fascinated by the randomness of the events that take place all around us, whether natural catastrophes or simple everyday accidents--and particularly by the ways we accept or refuse them.
FOR all the words that have been written about Derrick Bird's insane rampage, it is the cruel randomness of it all that our minds struggle to deal with.