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(thermodynamics) a thermodynamic quantity representing the amount of energy in a system that is no longer available for doing mechanical work

the quality of lacking any predictable order or plan

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There's a more constructive way of thinking about randomness: not as a reason to give up on minimising risk, but as a reason for vigilance and research.
Jones' final thoughts implore readers to engage with their communities to prepare for when the worst happens, and accept the randomness which will dictate when that will be.
Now, I'm not asking you to make sure you randomly mess things up and cause complaints - that would be the wrong kind of randomness. What I'm asking you to do is look at your guests and service and find ways to introduce random 'gummy bear moments' into your service delivery.
But what if there's a method to this randomness? What if good intentions, good notions and good ambitions are driving men and women to bring about sweeping changes across the political spectrum in order to 'cleanse' the system and disinfect it of all undesirable outcomes?
To trigger behaviour that is even vaguely random, the operating system looks for sources of external randomness -- more properly called entropy -- the statistical measure of disorder within a set of data.
2) a new encryption/decryption algorithm utilizing modified OTP with scrambling factor for satisfying the randomness, diffusion and confusion tests.
The first section is quite interdisciplinary, starting with a historical overview of notions of contingency, chance, and randomness from the ancient through medieval periods and as received in modern biological science (authored by a historian of rhetoric who has focused much of his life's work on the history of biology).
Randomness is a key parameter when it comes to creating security primitives since they give the primitives the ability to encrypt and secure the computer hardware and data physically and not using programming.
The scientists analyzed the participants' choices according to their algorithmic randomness, which is based on the idea that patterns that are more random are harder to summarize mathematically.
To understand the meaning of randomness several approaches have been undertaken.
Modern cryptosystems rely on high-quality randomness, consuming surprisingly high quantities of random numbers to generate their keys and perform cryptographic operations.
A University of Alabama graduate, Wright will show designers how to achieve randomness in profiles, textures and materials to create iconic facades, as precast mold techniques have evolved from monolithic, repetitive and non-articulated to more nonlinear surfaces.
But a new advance on a method known as a randomness extractor makes it easier for machines to roll the dice, generating truly random numbers by harvesting randomness from the environment.
However, research published in Psychological Science in October found that people given to conspiracist thinking were just as able to accept randomness (gauged by their assessments of random number strings) as those who rejected conspiracy theories.