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a deliberately haphazard arrangement of observations so as to simulate chance

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Mendelian randomisation is a way of showing whether or not individual risk factors actually cause disease, rather than just being associated with it.
With Mendelian randomisation, scientists zero in on small snippets of genes that vary from person to person.
Education and myopia: Assessing the direction of causality by medelian randomisation. BMJ 2018;361:k2022.
An association that is observed using Mendelian randomisation therefore strengthens the inference of a causal relationship.
(NASDAQ: PRXL) has launched a mobile app for the ClinPhone RTSM (randomisation and trial supply management) service, the company said.
Next, it has been pointed out that the method of randomisation carried out in our study, i.e.
United States- based Neurocrine Biosciences has completed subject randomisation of the Phase III clinical trial (Kinect 3 Study) of its proprietary Vesicular Mono-Amine Transporter 2 (VMAT2) compound, NBI-98854, in patients with tardive dyskinesia, it was reported on Friday.
According to the company, IRTMaster combines the benefits of an interactive web response (IWR) system and an interactive voice response (IVR) system to offer patient randomisation, trial supply management (RTSM) and telephony based electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO).
6 October 2014 - US biopharmaceutical services company Parexel International Corporation (NASDAQ:PRXL) said it had taken over ClinIntel, a UK provider of clinical randomisation and trial supply management (RTSM) services.
Differences in variables during labour between the propranolol and placebo groups Group Factor Propranolol Placebo p-value * (N=25) (N=28) Median time to 210 218 0.68 delivery (min) Caesarean sections, 13 (52.0) 11 (40.7) 0.59 n (%) Indications for 0.75 caesarean section, n (%) Poor progression 8/13 (61.5) 7/11 (63.6) Obstructed labour 5/13 (38.5) 4/11 (36.4) Mean 5-minut 8.92 8.96 0.89 Apgar score Oxytocin given before 5 (20.0) 10 (35.7) 0.33 randomisation, n (%) Oxytocin given after 7 (28.0) 17 (60.7) 0.03 randomisation, n (%) * p<0.05 was considered significant.
Keywords: Actual Medical Benefit, Clinical Trial, Randomisation, Judgement Criteria
They used a randomised controlled trial with general practices as the unit of randomisation and analysis.
What can mendelian randomisation tell us about modifiable behavioural and environmental exposures?