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Synonyms for rancorous

Synonyms for rancorous

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showing deep-seated resentment

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This means that 80% of the population were excluded from the rancorous debate.
Summary: Independent centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron appeared to cement his position as favorite for the French presidency Thursday as the dust settled on a rancorous final televised debate with far-right rival Marine Le Pen.
The most rancorous, vitriolic, hyperbolic, doom-laden three months since the last Happy Mondays reunion tour has mercifully ended.
The approval came after an often rancorous board meeting Thursday in which board members sparred over how much the project will cost and how it will be managed.
And given the great diversity of opinions, beliefs, and characters to be found among the people, this expression will often be indecorous, rancorous, and hurtful to those who disagree.
1 trillion spending package on Thursday that would fund most government operations for the fiscal year after a rancorous debate that reflected the new power held by Republicans and the disarray among Democrats in the aftermath of the midterm elections, the New York Times reported.
9 shooting of Michael Brown by a police |officer has touched off rancorous protests in Ferguson, a St.
Love is still touring old Hole songs in 2014, so fill your boots with a taste of the past there, but here is punk's violent present: a rancorous, snarling triumph.