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Synonyms for rampage

Synonyms for rampage

a period of uncontrolled self-indulgence

Synonyms for rampage

violently angry and destructive behavior

act violently, recklessly, or destructively

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Rebel Entertainment also plans to release Dungeon Rampage across a range of gaming platforms.
"Variety is a style of entertainment often said to be out of date, but Scousers on the Rampage promises to dispel this myth," said director Sylvie Gatrill.
The court was told the failed relationship with ex-girlfriend Samantha Stobbart was the "catalyst" for his murderous rampage.
Rampage, who starred as BA Baracus in the recent Hollywood A-Team movie, is a solid 2-5 favourite (the shortest price of any fighter on the card) but he is no shoo-in by any means.
The two henchmen were convicted at Newcastle Crown Court after a five-week trial on a string of serious charges relating to the murderous rampage led by Moat.
This time round The A-Team consists of Neeson as Hannibal Smith, Cooper as Face, Copley (from District 9) as Murdock and Quinton "Rampage" Johnson (apparently a wrestler of some repute) as B.
Arab News <p>DAMMAM: The rampage by a large group of Saudi teenagers in Alkhobar last Wednesday, destroying restaurants, showrooms and shops, caused losses worth millions of riyals, press reports said quoting owners of businesses.
I do not understand why reports say "Islamist gunmen on rampage", rather than "terrorists on rampage".
The Rampage, however, gave the Sharks all they could handle through 2-1/2 periods.
Flavors in the upscale line include Monkey Junkie, Grizzly Bear Rampage, Sutter Mills Gold Strike, Polar Bear Rampage, Coal & Gold, and Kodiak Crunch.
Designed to fuse mind and energy enhancing compounds, Rampage contains caffeine, tyrosine, phenylaline and taurine.
The anti-Serb rampage, described as "the worst violence in Kosovo since its 1998-99 war," prompted NATO leaders to deploy 2,000 troops to reinforce K-FOR, the UN-supervised peacekeeping force.
Support democracy, kick bad-guy bootie and save Townsville from a serious pickle in Powerpuff Girls: Relish Rampage ($29.99) for PlayStation 2.
The police have detained 25 people for a racist rampage by 300 young people who stormed a Moscow market at 8 pm on Oct.
Nepal's Queen Komal, injured in the June 1 shooting rampage at the royal palace that left eight royals and two others dead, returned home from hospital Wednesday.