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  • verb

Synonyms for ramify

to separate into branches or branchlike parts

Synonyms for ramify

have or develop complicating consequences


Related Words

grow and send out branches or branch-like structures

divide into two or more branches so as to form a fork

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The paper is a tribute to the late Stuart Hampshire's investigations of the ramifying role of intention in our conceptual scheme.
Individually and collectively they greatly influence our existence, they act as pegs, fountains, pipes and dams, their work ramifying throughout the whole economy of nature.
How this broadly ramifying relationship to the state is understood significantly influences, in turn, the understanding of the rise of group identities and group formation, including the creation of formal organizations, among disabled veterans.
Dialogism is created by reciprocities and echoing resonances that allow readers to perceive the ramifying implications of what individuals do and say, and don't do and don't say.
However, a system of tubules, arising from one of the diverticular ducts of the stomach of Tridacna and ramifying through much of the clam and containing the symbionts, was described by K.
Roll-backs of affirmative action mean fewer people of color occupying roles of judging or defending, thus ramifying the tendency of the system to settle overburdened caseloads by way of "play the statistics" plea-bargains, whose calculations of the percentages are directly correlated with perceptions of class and race, thus also ensuring the social production of a continuing stream of (now) economically necessary "criminals of color.
Such people seek not merely food and fuel--goods they take for granted--but also membership in a ramifying network of relationships.
NATO expansion will have ramifying strategic, political and economic costs for the United States.
What Sethe's tree finally represents in contrast to the fake family of the maternal world and its basically tautological relationship is the real family--both the paradigmatic nuclear family of mother, father, and child and the wider family of "the village," figured by the tree's characteristically ramifying structure, which reconciles separateness and connectedness, self-reliance and solidarity.
Every injury has ramifying consequences; however, the law must limit the legal consequences of wrongs to a control-lable degree.
Furthermore, the worst is yet to come because of continued accelerated human population growth and all the ramifying actions and interactions that unavoidable fact translates into.
As waste disposal, psychedelic exploration, and energy technology became politicized, each branch of ramifying activism developed symbols to illustrate its concerns, using posters as much for this as to organize activities.
Surely Egnal could afford to be a little less rigid about this; if he can see in expansionism "a broad, ramifying world view" that went well beyond mere "desire for territorial growth," it is hard to understand why he thinks so little is to be gained from paying attention to ideological claims made--often enough--by the very men whose expansionist persuasion he sees as central (pp.