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Synonyms for ramification

Synonyms for ramification

Synonyms for ramification

the act of branching out or dividing into branches

a part of a forked or branching shape

a development that complicates a situation


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an arrangement of branching parts

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It remains unclear what the relationship between the EU and the UK will be like post-Brexit, but the decision to leave the EU may have ramifications for all industries.
28 (Petra) -- Jordan and the United Kingdom on Sunday discussed ways to address the ramifications of the Syrian crisis for Jordan's security, economic and political sector.
The ramifications of the Syrian crisis will figure high on the agenda for the two leaders' meeting.
Market orders for the supply of brushes ramifications brushes like Paw hare brushes Paw hare flat profile type, corresponding sleeves and shovels for street cleaning in 2 separate lots, recovery Lot 1: Supply of ramifications brushes, shovels and associated sleeves.
special coordinator for Lebanon discussed the Syrian crisis and its political ramifications with MP Boutros Harb Tuesday, according to a U.
If the physical ramifications of smoking aren't enough to deter customers from lighting up, maybe a clearer picture of the financial ramifications will.
A CHECK on global recovery would have serious ramifications for the North-east, a leading bank told business leaders this week.
In a statement, Edinburgh declared: 'Any reduction in playing sides would represent a change to the vision for the sport we bought into and could have serious ramifications for Edinburgh Rugby.
The ramifications of this act are readily apparent to a building owner or lessee: The accelerated depreciation means a faster write-off of expenses, the result of a 15-year depreciation schedule rather than a 39-year depreciation schedule.
They examine the history of child homicide as a means of disposing of unwanted or imperfect children, the motives and legal ramifications of neonaticide, new evidence about postpartum depression and Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, paternal involvement, the ramifications of other forms of child murder, political and other arguments about abortion and euthanasia, the role of therapeutic jurisprudence, and preventive measures such as sex education, pregnancy prevention, adoption and foster placement.
The citizens struggled with the crime in all its ramifications, and FALL traces this struggle, comes from a journalist who was a teen neighbor to both girls at the time of the crime, and who revisits the scene here 30 years later to explore the crime's ongoing impact upon the town.
I'd like to thank Ellery Schempp for making us aware of the moral ramifications of teaching our young people the theory of gravity ("Warning: Gravity is Only a Theory," September/October 2006).
The Divine Plan: A Novel of Obsession is a dark, suspenseful about the ramifications of possessing too much knowledge about one's "twin soul.
Drawing upon history, research, and a wealth of documentation, chapters illuminate the true nature of the terrorist group Al Qaeda, why the root causes of terrorism cannot be explained simply, the relationship between terrorism and the media, the ramifications of terrorism in today's modern age, and much more.
The ramifications of this development: reduced materials costs as well as reduced manufacturing costs (i.