rambutan tree

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Malayan tree bearing spiny red fruit

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A public school teacher from Magdalena, Laguna, Inay Rosing (as we fondly called her) opened her house as a vacation home for me and my cousins, and it was there where we spent our happiest childhood days, climbing the rambutan trees, playing Battle Realms in a nearby computer shop, savoring our grandparents' great cooking.
Del estimated that each of the 60 rambutan trees could yield at least a hundred kilos.
It is known that variability among rambutan trees is high because of crossed pollination and propagation by seed, numerous cultivars have been selected by the growers for its high yield and fruit quality (SMITH et al., 1992); however, these selections have been adapted to specific conditions and thus can behave differently in other environments and harvest dates.
The farm tour is being timed to coincide with the ripening of Pol's rambutan trees which are heavily laden with fruits.
Today, at 47, he is tending his 3-hectare farm along with raising hogs and native chickens and managing his 50 rambutan trees.