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pleasantly acid bright red oval Malayan fruit covered with soft spines

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It was realized in two stages, corresponding to the rambutan seed storage: after extracted from the fruits and maintained inside the fruits until the sowing dates.
yuzu juice 4 whole pieces of rambutan (three peeled and seeded) Place three rambutans into the blender.
For most varieties, ripe rambutan will be bright red.
I couldn't remember then at any time paying anything more than ten cents (Sri Lankan money) for a Rambutan.
Caracterizacao morfologica e quimica de frutos de rambutan.
The landscapes in the higher regions of Philippines are filled with coconut palm trees, while sugar cane, corn and tropical fruits such as rambutan are produced in Central Luzon, a region in northern Philippines.
Should you not be describing it as 'natural water filtered through the finest French volcanic rock, suffused with exotic fruits such as guava, solanum, longan, loquat, bungo fruit and rambutan, but not necessarily including any of the above, guaranteed free of durian, and enhanced with the purest potassium benzoate'?
Chef Cheng Wei Wang, who's best known for his Sichuan boiled pork and lobster with the lychee-like rambutan in sweet chilli sauce, has complemented the standard dim sum sauces with a sour cherry dip, which paired seamlessly with the scallop dim sum that I wolfed down before anyone could say 'berry'.
Rambutan and pulasan produce edible fruits encased in coverings that have nubby or hairlike projections.
As families chatted after the last scrimmage, munching on bananas and rambutan, the event's community value was readily apparent from the children's pleas to return the following week.
Una manera de retrasar la senescencia del rambutan es almacenando los frutos a 10[degrees]C con un envasado rapido en bolsas de polietileno para disminuir la deshidratacion, oscurecimiento y perdida de peso de los frutos (Perez y Pohlan, 2004).
The company specialises in producing a range of vacuum freeze-dried tropical fruits including durian, rambutan, mangosteen, coconut, pineapple, papaya, mango and banana.
BIG ISLAND | Hilo Farmers Market It's the kind of place one might expect on an island that boasts all but two of the world's climate zones: locally blended ice pops (dragon fruit and rambutan, anyone?
From Holland comes a range of tomatoes and mushrooms and from Thailand come exotic fruits including Rambutan, passion fruit, mangosteen, guava and dragon fruit.
London's Ping Pong has compensated for the lack of alcohol in its Dubai outlet by using unusual ingredients including basil seeds, goji berries, kumquat, lychee, rose and rambutan, says general manager Angelo Domenico Rosato.