ram home

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make clear by special emphasis and try to convince somebody of something

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It could be the one that most effectively impressed upon you the launch of a new product; one that grabbed your attention to ram home a message; or just one that made you laugh.
86min: Ray Parlour trips Murphy just inside the box and the Nuneaton striker picks himself up to ram home the penalty.
Ossett substitute Scott Foulton handled on the edge of the area, and although Clark tipped Carl Brown's free-kick over, he failed to hold the same player's corner and Mottram pounced to ram home the loose ball.
They ram home the point that a video gives a distorted and skewed view of an assault; it can also show that a suspect may have resisted arrest or initiated the encounter.
Furlong followed up to ram home the all important goal which propelled Rangers up to fourth spot in the second division table and a play-off semi-final against Oldham Athletic.
Neil Scally came up for a free-kick and when the ball was missed by everyone he was handily placed to ram home the equaliser.
Merthyr had largely controlled proceedings against Warwick, who had won only one of their last 14 games, but failed to ram home their advantage after going ahead inside 13 minutes.
Just to ram home the point, Haverford-west-born Bale adds that he is quite happy to be regarded as a cult figure.