ram down

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Synonyms for ram down

strike or drive against with a heavy impact


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teach by drills and repetition

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It is the pressure applied by the bottom of the ram or plunger during ram down mixing that can affect both mixing time (affecting productivity) and the type and amount of shear affecting the distributive and dispersive mixing process (affecting product quality).
The car would have had to ram down the barrier and go straight over the edge.
or the slew of preposterous plot points that Fleder and his team of screenwriters ram down your throat.
But it's bound to be better than what Murphy tried to ram down the neighborhood's throat.
The C8051F41x also includes a SmaRTClock, an embedded real-time clock that enables the MCU to automatically detect power supply failures and switch to a battery backup that will allow continued operation of the backup RAM down to 1 V.