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Synonyms for rakishness

the quality of a rake

stylishness as evidenced by a smart appearance

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513) The image of the swordsman rounds off the series of the familiar tropes of satire--the mirror, the betrayal of the mind by the body, the notion of physical cure for moral or spiritual transgression, and Dryden's likening of satire to a sword or blade--invoked in Basil's return to rakishness.
The early Juan had all of the legend's trademark rakishness but was more dissolute than the one of later centuries.
The rake's excessive appetites and this competitive over-expenditure necessarily lead to his physical unmanning and social exclusion: the reputation of rakishness limits a man's social circle to like-minded men and women who have already been rejected by polite society.
28) Donnithorne is of course no Zeluco, but the pointedly ironic contrast between his weakly sordid rakishness and Zeluco's extravagant lack of conscience suggests something about the air of slightly mad, bad and dangerous-to-know glamour that clung about the novel even into the middle years of the nineteenth century.
Until we do, the experience is like being one of Seth's guests: a front row witness to the owner's occasional bluster, his wife Bertha's (Lorey Hayes) unconditional comfort, new guest Mattie's loneliness (Dele, substituting for Nambi Kelley), Jeremy Furlow's (Andre Jackson's) rakishness, and the soul searching of Herald Loomis (Bernard K.
Here, Manchevski lets the camera and Aleksandar character's rakishness orientalize freely.