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in a rakish manner

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Rakishly designed, the Saeqeh or Thunderbolt sports a flared double-tail, just like the Russian MiG-25 and the American F-22.
Freshly-ironed shirt and trousers, patent leather shoes, a rakishly angled hat, and a bulging briefcase under his arm.
Given this current release, with its sexy and suggestive cover showing the singer in a slightly dishevelled white shirt, top buttons undone, tie loosened and jacket flung rakishly over his shoulder, one can understand why.
Bell -- rakishly decked out in all black, with an untucked shirt and a very open collar -- offered a performance notably lean, nuanced and vibrant.
But there he was in McKenzie's show, fleshed out with eerie naturalism in a group of colored-pencil portraits that depict him posing rakishly in plus fours and trench coat.
A handsome, mustached, fine-featured man looks at us from beneath a rakishly tilted white summer hat.
Richards has shoulder-length hair, a cowboy hat, and a rakishly angled cigar.
Here a cloth cap is worn rakishly to provide a sharp diagonal motion to the figure.
Chaps can be recognised by their doffing of their rakishly angled hats to the ladies,greeting people with a cry of ``good morning to you,Sir/Madam'' and the razor sharp crease in their moleskin trousers.
Perched on a flatbed trailer in a rakishly tilted stocking cap and Army camouflage jacket, Williams surveyed the crowd of about 200 American and Australian soldiers, and told them their garb would be fashionable on the inner city streets of Los Angeles.
The memento from that journey was a blue wool Basque beret, which, rakishly slanted, he wore on and off for the rest of his life.
At the Mistletoe Ball, he once showed up tieless and rakishly undid the top two buttons of his shirt.
This suite here was the place that the infamous sex party took place," says Kaminski, rakishly, gesturing at an expansive room with sofas, coffee tables and good light.
The stairs between the second and third floors tilt rakishly to the left and down.
With a red fez set rakishly atop his head and a persona larger than life, chef Victor Hirtzler--native of Strasbourg, France, former taster for Czar Nicholas II, and once chef to King Carlos I of Portugal--reigned over the Hotel St.