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a dissolute man in fashionable society

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To the matrons of El Ferrol, 'Franquito' (Tittle Frankie-boy'), the army officer son of a drunken, rakehell navy officer who had left his wife was no great match for their daughters and no encouragement was given to any senorita to return any look of admiration cast in her direction by the young officer.
The future playwright spent his adolescence as an enthusiastic rakehell, partial to drink, whores, and lowlife companions.
In Henry V Canterbury describes Hal's carefully staged transformation from rakehell to Christian king in agricultural terms, reminding us of the ancient link between theater and Dionysian fertility:
The novelist describes the reception given to Francis, the former rakehell and soldier, on his return home following a spiritual awakening.
Neither did the poem cycle that acquired various names during the last twenty years of her long life: As Cried, Gardens for Old Men, Derelictions, Nativity, Obsequies, Rakehell, Sardonics, There's No Gender in the Fossil's Eye, Tom Fool, Jackdaw, Laughing Lamentations of Dan Corbeau (The Book of Dan), The Ponder Rose, Viaticum, etc.
Among the papacy's 23 Johns, 16 Gregorys, 15 Benedicts, 14 Clements, 13 Leos, 13 Innocents, 12 Piuses, seven Urbans, six Pauls and one Peter have been an assortment of rakehells only God could love as well as saints and mystics only Satan would scorn.