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the arch of hair above each eye

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The Atwal controversy came as the Trudeau family's ornate traditional Indian attire raised eyebrows, with the prime minister at one point donning formal wear typically worn by bridegrooms.
Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Dec 26 ( ANI ): A state-run medical college in Meerut raised eyebrows when Russian belly dancers were called to perform at its alumni function on Monday.
There were some raised eyebrows when I stood on the start line, but at the end people were shaking my hand saying, 'Crikey, you shot past me
IT may look like the perfect little porker - but this perky fellow will set you back pounds 2,500 and leave you with a few raised eyebrows.
magazine that raised eyebrows with her family and friends.
The deal led to some raised eyebrows but the Northern Irish singer says it gives her more control over her work than if she signed for a big label - and a bigger slice of the profits.
Mr Hilton, who cycles to work every day, has also raised eyebrows by wandering around Number Ten in his socks, according to Government officials.
Davoutoglu's talks with the leaders of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and his opening of a Turkish consulate in Erbil in late October was greeted warmly by the Kurds but raised eyebrows in Baghdad.
Cuba's announcement that its still untapped offshore oil fields may hold more than 20 billion barrels of oil has raised eyebrows among experts who say the number is hard to believe but not out of the realm of possibility, reports Reuters (Oct.
And it is one that can still cause raised eyebrows.
Luke was banned from voting after a poorly-disguised effort to influence his colleagues - although his targets, popular duo Kathreya and Rachel, raised eyebrows.
The story raised eyebrows at the time, not so much with its content as its placement -- right on the front page.
The European junior 100 metres champion raised eyebrows last January when defeating his training partner Jason Gardener.
One publicized twist that raised eyebrows was Karr clinking his drinking glass with the glass of a law enforcement official while he was being brought back to the country flying business class.