raise the roof

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get very angry

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He wanted it to be his legacy and for everyone to raise the roof and have an amazing night.
The full line-up on the Raise the Roof Festival at the Bombed-Out Church is: on Friday 17 April - Bombed Out Does Broadway (7.
Local Raise the Roof Day efforts on October 16 will include:
If Mama and Papa snore loudly enough to raise the roof, chances are you do too, according to a study involving the families of patients with obstructive sleep apnea.
A CHURCH member kept shtum for seven days to help raise the roof on a 125-year-old church in Thornaby.
Little Mix fans will be able to enjoy all the band's big hits, such as Black Magic, Salute, DNA and Love Me Like You, and the show guarantees to raise the roof off the arena.
A SMALL army of brass players will join Slaithwaite Philharmonic for a concert that promises to raise the roof of Hudders-eld Town Hall.
READER OFFER 12 December 2013 2 days from PS109 Join John Rutter as he brings together the beautiful voices of the choir and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to raise the roof of the Royal Albert Hall with a glittering selection of Christmas carols, choral pieces and orchestral work.
One of the organists Euros Evans said: "What better way to raise the roof on match day than some rousing hymns, classics and popular tunes played on our wonderful organ by some of Wales' finest organists.
The event, called Raise the Roof, will take place at community venue Bath Place in York Road, Leamington, on Saturday July 16.
A MALE voice choir is hoping to raise the roof at a village church.
She said: "I tell them to raise the roof, add a porch, change the windows or build a characterful extension.
The show will feature all the Diamond classics such as Sweet Caroline, I'm a believer, Red Red Wine and Cracklin Rosie to name but a few and a few hidden suprises which is due to raise the roof at all shows along the way.
They raised the roof for the derby, and raise the roof to help the team if we get a player sent off.
Local property company Bond Wolfe is backing the society by flying a Raise the Roof banner from its West Plaza headquarters building.