raise hell

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take strong and forceful action, as to object or express discontent

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When I went to the hospital when she was on the machine, I was anticipating, because I was probably coming down from a hangover, but I'm anticipating that I'm going to go to the hospital and raise hell (sic)," Contactmusic quoted Tyson as saying on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday (08Mar11).
And on Glee, Kurt (Chris Colfer) lands a beau, while Jane Lynch continues to raise hell as nasty cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester--and both actors are Emmy nominees
whose adventures in and out of the writer's dormitory in Moscow in the waning days of the USSR comprise this ribald novel, takes Baudelaire's bibulous counsel to heart, despite occasional pangs of conscience and the knowledge that there are far more profitable associates, in terms of getting his latest effusions into print, than a bunch of old cronies out to raise hell.
McCain grinning wildly said, "Marvelous, Sarah and I are going to get on that chopper and ride it right to Washington and raise hell when we get there.
Most club bosses raise hell before big games and instruct their players to go for the jugular - but not Sheridan.
After Swindon attempted to raise Hell into the heavens, three more planets were recognized.
WARWICKSHIRE schoolboy turned TV chef Gordon Ramsay is about to raise hell in the States for the second time.
Five-disc box set comprising the first 13 episodes and the pilot of the cult television series, revolving around the exploits of cousins Bo (John Schneider) and Luke Duke (Tom Wopat) as they raise hell all over Hazzard County, to the annoyance of crooked county chief Boss Hogg (Sorrell Booke).
Rather than raise hell over his dismissal, Eggleton quietly took up a seat in the Liberal backbenches.
Pontypool-born professional skateboarder Lee Dainton, 30, said: 'People won't let us in because they think we're going to raise hell.
Landesman fled America in the '80s and landed in London, where he's continued to write and raise hell and become as much of a Soho landmark as the Groucho Club where he's held court since it opened.
I now advise every news source I meet to: (1) tape record every conversation with any journalist and raise hell and sue if misquoted; (2) challenge twisted "indirect" quotes and question stories that rarely cite actual quotes--a sign the reporter was too lazy or sloppy or, heaven forbid, they twisted the information intentionally.
As I've cautioned my daughters, when you talk about heaven--biblically speaking--you're liable to raise hell.
Now that Carlton has ceased to exist there is no-one to raise hell.