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the arch of hair above each eye

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Fans of La Peron will enjoy the riches-to-rags story of La Saenz, who would still raise eyebrows even by today's standards.
Alan Gilbert, 39, is an American conductor at least partly making his name leading works that raise eyebrows.
At first glance, the bill of policing the Wales v England encounter may raise eyebrows, as may utilising almost 1,000 police officers to ensure the event passed off safely.
Organized by the Baltimore Museum of Art's Darsie Alexander, the show may still raise eyebrows for its unapologetic positing of slide projection as a medium with its own historical set of technological supports (arising from modes of projection beginning with magic lanterns in the seventeenth century) and procedural conventions (the techniques of successive display emerging from both nineteenth-century chronophotography and modern film).
There will,of course,be those who raise eyebrows at the anouncement; in some peoples'eyes many aspects of fertility treatment remain taboo.