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executive who is very successful in bringing in business to his company or firm

American Indian medicine man who attempt to make it rain

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Kossow noted that Rainmaker was led by a highly talented team and had secured a leading position in a market with tremendous growth potential.
Oliver Yarbrough, Business Matchmaker and Government Marketing Strategist, is Managing Partner and Chief Rainmaker of Rainmaker Growth Partners, LLC (RGP).
In addition, Pamela Sziebert recently joined Rainmaker as the director of marketing to lead the company's Corporate Marketing and Demand Center, which delivers marketing and advertising agency services in support of its B2B online selling products.
A spark of life and hope arrives with the charismatic con man and supposed rainmaker, Starbuck, (a dazzling, enigmatic performance by Sergio Bertolli).
ADERANT will continue to support and enhance the RainMaker financial management products used by nearly 300 firms across the United States, Canada, and Latin America.
Under the terms of the agreement, Rainmaker will manage all sales leads in North America for the client, providing inbound customer response management and outbound telemarketing services.
Rainmaker CEO Michael Silton commented, "The Rainmaker cloud-based e-commerce solution enables companies to deliver this 'app-store' like experience to business customers enabling them to buy products in the same way business buyers expect to buy online today regardless of how complicated the configuration or pricing.
Under the terms of the three-year agreement with the unnamed company, Rainmaker will begin by deploying a program to support the client's channel partners in driving increased subscription renewals.
A RainMaker Venture (ARMV) is a full service business advisory group specializing in the sale, merger and/or acquisitions of both privately and publicly held businesses with annual revenues exceeding $10MM.
The RainMaker Humidification System (RHS) generates and delivers precise amounts of ultra pure water vapor purified for both ionic contaminants and dissolved gases.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 24, 2011--Merriman Capital runs Rainmaker Systems USD3.
RainMaker humidifiers and RainMaker humidification systems (RHS) control the transfer and purification of water vapor directly into a carrier gas stream including inert, corrosive, and flammable gases, such as hydrogen, at a wide range of flow rates.
Hernandez served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Rainmaker Systems, Inc.
Pink Sheets: POWN), along with Brighton Partners, have joined forces with Rainmaker Entertainment to launch the new superhero property "Legion of 5," it was announced today by Warren Franklin, CEO of Rainmaker.