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Synonyms for rainless

having little or no precipitation

Words related to rainless

lacking rain

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Another ritual, very common and popular, during rainless season was for the young persons to throw buckets of waters at the unsuspecting elderly.
Then, based on the raster data summary from 1982 to 2011 annual growth season (4-10 months) rainless days (daily rainfall less than 5 mm), rainstorm days (daily rainfall is greater than or equal to 50 mm), and annual precipitation, we obtained the trend and multiyear average.
"No significant rain is likely across the country and the month of November will be rainless mostly.
In New York City, the second week of August 2006 was warm and mostly rainless, hospitable to the sort of al fresco promenades that often accompany film premieres.
CITY OF MALOLOS-A river in Norzagaray town swelled on a rainless Tuesday and its strong current swept away and killed four teenagers, police said.
The country's weather bureau has warned that the rainless weather was a cause for concern.
Talking to media persons, Deputy Director, Forecasting Division, AleemulHassan informed that the rainless Winter season would continue during the next two weeks while there are chances of partly cloudy weather conditions and light rain in some parts.
Summary: The nearly rainless months of January and February have hit Lebanese farmers hard, and if the drought persists, experts warn it could further dry up groundwater wells and reservoirs increasing the water deficit for both household and agricultural use.
The Meteorological Department, however, forecast a rainless day today.
on July 18, 2011, and, because the Moroccan desert is dry and rainless, Tissint likely touched no water during the two months collectors took to recover all the pieces.
"Prices are astronomically high for the huge demand and the rainless summer indicates that very few truffles will be found this season," they said.
In a 1946 broadcast Dylan Thomas remembered the August Bank Holidays of his pre-war childhood, part of "those always radiant, rainless (told you) lazily rowdy and sky blue summers departed".
Here in North Central Texas--about 30 miles north of Dallas--we're in the grips of our second longest string of rainless, 100-plus degree days in a summer (1980 holds the current record, as of early August).
In the east of London in Mile End that year there were 73 consecutive days without rain, the longest rainless spell on record."