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She said "drought" warning is issued when there are three consecutive months of way below normal rainfall with greater than 60 percent reduction from the average rainfall or five consecutive months of below-normal rainfall with 21 percent to 60 percent reduction from the average rainfall.
Dry spell, on the other, is either two consecutive months of way-below normal rainfall conditions or three consecutive months of below-normal rainfall, she continued.
Rainfall is one of the most important meteorological variables for agricultural production, and long-term historical data series are essential for the understanding of the climate and to define local agricultural strategies.
This figure greatly surpasses the rainfall levels recorded in 2017-18, which saw a total of 275.1mm of rain.
The agency, therefore, advised that integrated water resources management skills be adopted in line with the predicted amount over various parts, especially areas that might have to contend with below-normal rainfall.
He added that the Southern Luzon PAGASA Regional Services Division at Legazpi City in Albay also issued separate color-coded heavy rainfall warnings.
The water balance on the earth surface is affected majorly by rainfall instigating significant changes in water resources as explained in the intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC, 2001).
In the rainy spell, Quetta, Qalat, Musakhel, Qilla Abdullah, Pishin, Chaman and other cities received rainfall pushing the mercury down in the region.
In its weather outlook report released for this month, the Met Office said two or three spells of light to moderate rainfall as well as snow over hilly areas were also expected in the northern half of the country.
The areas that are likely to receive some rainfall and hail due to the low pressure in the coming days include Muscat, Musandam, Buraimi, Dhahirah, North and South Batinah, Dakhliyah and North and South Sharqiyah.
Rainfall was heaviest in the west and southern portions of the state, with some areas 5 to 8 inches above normal.
PESHAWAR: Pakistan Meteorological Department Islamabad, Pakistan issued a drought alert to all stakeholders for an immediate water management strategy to avoid negative impacts of deficit rainfall on water and agriculture sector.brAccording to details, as predicted during Jan, May 2018, below normal rainfall has been recorded over most parts of the country.
ISLAMABAD -- A dust storm dawned on the Federal Capital here on Tuesday followed by heavy rainfall, breaking the long heat spell that had experts worried.
ISLAMABAD/LAHORE: Dust storms followed by rainfall hit Islamabad and Lahore on Tuesday, breaking the long heat spell that had experts worried.