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These clinical results combined with other past study data provide clear support for the use of the Raindrop as a viable surgical option in treating presbyopia.
Our RainDrop System represents a fundamental breakthrough in PCR and the third generation of instruments built on our proven picodroplet technology, said Rena McClory, Marketing Director, Digital PCR Business at RainDance Technologies.
But as the atmosphere slowly disappeared, the raindrops got bigger and heavier, the study found.
Raindrop Books USA is a new and growing company that was established to train brand new teachers in classroom management through workshops and distribute their new teacher handbook to the school districts and institutions of higher learning.
Established in the year 2000 by the Turkish entrepreneurs, Raindrop has been operating in field of education, charity, social and cultural activities in several US states -- Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, New Mexico, Tennessee and Louisiana.
Last month Nicolas Parriaux, the managing director of Revision Optics, the company behind Raindrop arrived in the town to observe another Leamington woman undergo the procedure and specialists from Ukraine will visit the centre this month to watch South-African born consultant ophthalmologist Mark Wevill perform the tenminute treatment.
M2 PHARMA-July 29, 2013-Trovagene adopts RainDrop platform to create cell-free DNA assay(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
The prospective, multicenter Phase III clinical trial is evaluating the safety and effectiveness of the patented, proprietary Raindrop Near Vision Inlay in improving near vision in subjects with presbyopia under an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE).
The chief contributor to impairment at these frequencies is the raindrop, which has roughly the same size as the radio wavelength at higher frequency, and thus causes scattering of the radio signal [3].
Capable of generating more than a billion reactions in a single day, the RainDrop Digital PCR System from RainDance Technologies transforms the performance of molecular assays by enabling digital answers across a number of important applications, including low-frequency tumor allele detection, gene expression, copy number variation and SNP measurement The instrument establishes new performance standards in sensitivity, multiplexing and absolute quantitation in PCR analysis.
Some time passes, the waterholes dry up even more and a single raindrop falls from the sky.
i+1]) position of the i-raindrop when the i + 1 raindrop crosses the beam of neutrinos at the instant [t'.
lt;p>The purpose of Raindrop is to allow people to have a clearer view of the messages they're getting.
Air resistance causes a raindrop to deform as it falls, and eventually to fragment.