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a drop of rain

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"Like all raindrops, the giant drops started as water vapor and then condensed (changed from water vapor to liquid)," said scientist Peter Hobbs.
Fine, then we'll measure a larger rainstorm and search for a new computer that treats a larger collection of raindrops as implementing both the computer we found before that runs your brain as well as your brain in raindrops.
How many people can see ahead, to what will happen when those other "raindrops" - individual people and seemingly insignificant actions and events - arrive downstream at the chronological equivalents of Des Moines and St.
This information combined with a model that assessed the humidity of the atmosphere, the researchers were able to develop a tracing method that followed raindrops from the point when they were observed by the radar to when they hit the ground, precisely determining how much evaporation would occur for any given raindrop.
As shown in Figure 7, when the diameter of raindrop is larger than 7.8 mm, the capture probability is below 0%.
On many levels, Raindrop is an unexpected work of art.
Dual-polarization radar is able to distinguish the size of different raindrops, and size is an important factor in both raindrop motion and evaporation rate--a smaller raindrop evaporates faster than a larger drop but experiences less air resistance.
Quadzillions of raindrops pound the surface of the soil and carry loose soil particles downhill under the influence of gravity.
This can be attributed to two factors: sampling effect and instrument parameters; at present most researches focus on the sampling effect associated with the random sampling from a population of raindrops. The effect of sampling variation on raindrop size measurements in stationary rainfall by using a stochastic model was researched by Uijlenhoet et al.
"By using basic physical principles to understand the relationship between the atmosphere, raindrop size and rainfall intensity, we have shown that Mars would have seen some pretty big raindrops that would have been able to make more drastic changes to the surface than the earlier fog-like droplets," John Hopkins University's Ralph Lorenz said in the statement.
The comapany's Thunderstorm, ThunderBolts and RainDrop products are used in laboratories throughout the world.
[11] carried out a single raindrop impinging experiment with self-made piezoelectric transducer to measure the rain load and then developed a numerical method to calculate the transmission tower subjected to wind and rain loads which was conducted.
InComm has launched Raindrop, an enhanced version of an existing FTP solution that allows companies to place orders for prepaid products by uploading a file, the company said.
Houston, TX, July 15, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Raindrop Books USA is proud to announce a new teacher resource titled "A Guide for a Successful New Teacher" written by Miranda Robinson.
TEXAS (CyHAN)- A festival to celebrate Nowruz was held by the Raindrop Foundation Austin, capital city of Texas , on Tuesday.