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a water-resistant coat

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'We are providing free raincoats and rain boots to pre-schoolers this school year since they are more vulnerable to water-borne diseases during the rainy season.
Binay, who led the distribution last Thursday, said a total of 6, 745 students were given raincoats and rainboots in Comembo Elementary School, Pembo Elementary School, and Rizal Elementary School.
'The Black Nazarene has a special (raincoat) that would cover even the head.
"He had a brand new raincoat, and everyone kinda went quiet then Ronnie laughed and everyone laughed.
The Empty Raincoat: Walking the Circuit of the London Overground by Iain Sinclair will be published in October 2014, no pricing details were available.
| SPLASH OUT: Spot raincoat and wellies (PS45 and PS38) from Cath Kidston; Tisbury yellow jacket, PS89.95; Harbour jersey top, PS24.95; Hana shorts, PS39.95; Seafarer welly, PS64.95; Bauble beads, PS19.95; all Joules; clockwise opposite: Sorel Medina rain heel boots PS185; Ruby & Ed Indra hooded raincoat, PS110; Hunter Gabby wellington heel and WedgeWelly Opulence Unique quilted boots (PS125 and PS45); Lulu Guinness Bloomsbury diagonal stripe umbrella, PS40
"The duck in the raincoat is so clever, using this absurdist, almost dada art and telling a compelling, colloquial story," Dixon said.
The man at the front kneeling down with the raincoat on and a pipe in his mouth was Bert Bashford, the chief timekeeper, who was a Lozells Harrier at the time.
TAXI FOR RIHANNA NEVER mind an Umbrella, Rihanna needs a raincoat in these pictures.
Cohen is in fine form, particularly on The Partisan and Famous Blue Raincoat. Yes, you get Suzanne, Hallelujah and Bird On The Wire again (albeit from different gigs) but you never tire of them anyway.
His latest injury came while schooling Raincoat for trainer Barry Brennan in preparation for a novice hurdle.
Other items packed but not worn include, on average, four tops, one pair of trousers, one skirt, two pairs of shoes and a raincoat. Women aged 18 to 50 were surveyed.
THE raincoat worn by Sir Alf Ramsey in England's 1966 World Cup win has been re-created for fans ahead of this summer's South Africa tournament.
Hardy and versatile, a raincoat is many a business traveller's best friend.