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streamlined cigar-shaped jack

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The Giant Trevally, Bigeye Trevally, Rainbow Runners and Batfish are among others species that tend to prefer the water surface.
For more information or to sponsor any of the Rainbow Runners call 01642 592800.
Nonrecorded annual bycatch for this period was estimated at 944-2270 t of pelagic oceanic sharks, 720-1877 t of rainbow runners, 705-1836 t of dolphinfishes, 507-1322 t of triggerfishes, 113-294 t of wahoo, 104-251 t of billfishes, 53-112 t of mobulas and mantas, 35-89 t of mackerel scad, 9-24 t of barracudas, and 67-174 t of other fishes.
The bulk of the bycatch in sets on log-associated schools was made up of rainbow runner, Elagatis bipinnulata (0.
Now Barry, 60, from Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire, is leading the season's top rainbow runners - and he's over the moon
AN EXPLOSION of colour filled Coney Beach in Porthcawl as 1,700 rainbow runners were showered from head to toe in vibrant powdered paint to raise vital funds for Ty Hafan, the hospice for children in Wales.
Blackfin tuna, skipjack tuna, small dolphin fish, and rainbow runners were agreeable.
Large concentrations of blue and rainbow runners around the palm fronds of a homemade FAD make jigging up a well full of live bait easy.