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streamlined cigar-shaped jack

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The fish fed his hunger and his drive: When Eriksen cut open the rainbow runner, he found its belly full of plastic.
The rainbow runner belongs to the Carangidae family, and has a circumtropical distribution, occurring in the Atlantic from Bermuda and Massachusetts (USA), southward to northeastern Brazil (FAO, 2002).
The Brian Meehan-trained Ms Rainbow Runner appreciated the drop in class and step up in distance, bolting up in the mile-and-a-quarter two-year-old claimer.
Rainbow runner, common dolphinfish, triggerfish, carcharhinid sharks, wahoo, billfishes, and mackerel scad were predominant.
2--3--color) A fly-caught 14-pound rainbow runner brought Camarillo's Steve Abel an IGFA certificate for the 20-pound tippet class.
Matrox Products Zoran Technology Marvel G200 and G200-TV SoftDVD and ZR36060 JPEG IC for video capture Rainbow Runner G-Series ZR36060 JPEG IC for video capture DVD Video module ZR36700 Vaddis DVD decoder IC
Tom Pfleger, Newport Beach, rainbow runner, 37-9, Revillagigedo Islands, Mexico, Nov.
But he says you can still score fish through midday, particularly around the full moon, by kite fishing or drift fishing in 200 feet with a big blue or rainbow runner.
After several hours of fishing, all we had to show were a few banded rudderfish and a large rainbow runner, all released.
In 1993, Matrox was the first to introduce a 64-bit graphics engine for the personal computer market with its MGA Series, and was the first to introduce high-quality video editing to the consumer market with its breakthrough Rainbow Runner Series in 1997.
Matrox m3D and Rainbow Runner are registered trademarks of Matrox Graphics Inc.
The new ZR36060 provided us with a more integrated, lower cost solution that enabled us to launch our new Rainbow Runner product into the consumer market.
has entered into a licensing agreement to include the VDOPhone with its new Rainbow Runner series of video companion cards for the popular Matrox Mystique graphics accelerator.
Pelagics, turtles, rays, rainbow runners, groupers, snappers, majestic Napoleon wrasse, clown fish, angel fish and parrot fish are common.
And we got plenty of other fish, like bonito, jacks, rainbow runners.