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Species Released Not Released Not released released Australian hobby 1 -- -- -- Australian magpie 2 -- 1 1 Brown goshawk -- -- 1 -- Crimson rosella 3 2 -- 4 Eastern rosella 1 -- -- -- Galah -- -- 1 2 Laughing kookaburra 2 -- 5 4 Musk lorikeet i -- -- -- Peregrine falcon -- -- 1 -- Rainbow lorikeet 2 -- -- 4 Southern boobook owl -- -- -- 1 Tawny frogmouth 3 -- 1 3 Yellow-tailed black 1 -- cockatoo Total (%) 16 (89%) 2 (11%) 10 (34%) 19 (66%)
Surrounded by rainbow lorikeets and cockatoos, Oliver Voss, of the Capta Group which runs the Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas, says it took only a few days to repair the physical damage from the cyclone "but months to recover from the stigma".
Mickey Rourke wept buckets over the death of his rainbow lorikeet, Lorenzo.
Other attractions include Lorikeet Landing with its free-flying rainbow lorikeets, Penguin Cove, Twilight Cave, Mark O'Shea's Reptile World, Creepy Crawlies, Seaquarium and Sea Lion Theatre, with live Sea Lion shows performed several times each day.
The incidents happened at Bristol Zoo Gardens last year and were shortly followed by further distress when three rainbow lorikeets escaped.
Just a week ago three rainbow lorikeets, usually found in Australia, escaped through a hole in their cage and flew off.
The silver leafed stringy barks had burst into white yellow flowers in the early spring, sending the rainbow lorikeets and other woodland birds into a dizzy of activity.
Explore Jungle Kingdom, where you can go walkabout in the UK''s first walkthrough meerkat enclosure, hand feed the Rainbow Lorikeets and enjoy the antics of the monkeys in Monkey Temple
The zoo is open 365 days a year and highlights include feeding the tame rainbow lorikeets - a sort of parrot - leopards, jaguars, lions and sealions.