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a percussion instrument that is made from a dried cactus branch that is hollowed out and filled with small pebbles and capped at both ends

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When the rain sticks project was implemented in your school, the classroom teacher, physical education teacher, art teacher, music teacher, and librarians had to mesh to make that field day possible.
MAKE your own rain stick, a ceremonial musical instrument originally from Chile, to invoke the rain spirits at Saltburn Valley Woodland Centre on Sunday, December 17, 1pm to 3pm.
A rain stick is a South American or African instrument which sounds amazingly like the sound of a tropical downpour.
While the guest is wrapped, the therapist performs a smudging ceremony (a traditional Native American practice in which sage, sweet grass and/or cedar are burned to purify the body, space and spirit) as the native sounds of the rain stick provide a sense of wholeness and serenity.
He uses his flute, and subtle-very subtle drums, a rain stick too-to subtly mimic the sounds of waterfalls and rivers, wind, the rattle of a rattlesnake's rattle, canyon winds, the cry of an eagle, howl of a wolf, and whistle of an owl, reminding us Native people have always taking inspiration from such things when creating art and music.
Youngsters can make a wooden-bead bracelet, a seascape plaque, a rain stick or seashell soap sponsored by OBIA.
Sun & Rain, April 1 - Discover the power of sunlight while experimenting with ultraviolet sensitive paper and beads; assemble a rain stick to simulate the sounds of a spring shower.
There are tubular bells, woodblocks, African drums, a rain stick, elephant bells and an ocean drum which makes the noise of the sea.
Her Norah Jones-meets-Sitti vocal style was complemented by a ukulele, which she played, Martin Rey Aviles' acoustic guitar, and PawFlava Bondoc's bongos, chimes, rain stick and mini maracas.
Make unity dolls, a Mkeka (African mat) or an African rain stick with the Kwanzaa book.
Backed by the patter of a rain stick and melodic American Indian music, a dozen children lifted up their gifts to the Earth.
The sound shifted in pitch, as there were many different sized gongs in the studio, along with Tibetan bowls, rain sticks and various sound producing instruments.
Throughout the week in the art room, second-graders made rain sticks, third-graders made shields and fourth-graders students made masks.
Kate added: "There is a composition for residents to become involved using rain sticks so that it builds up from rain to a storm, for which I produce a beach/marine fragrance.