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gauge consisting of an instrument to measure the quantity of precipitation

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The "capture" of precipitation, particularly solid precipitation, by a rain gauge is largely affected by the wind effect around the orifice, an effect that is exacerbated with increased exposure (Duchon and Essenberg 2001; Goodison et al.
For this study, the in-situ rain gauge data is considered as reference and CMORPH SRE as raw data that needs to be assessed and then corrected.
The lowest ASR is observed at the low-altitude rain gauge at Huaquillas, whereas highest ASR is observed at the high altitude rain gauge of Alto Chetilla.
Dodge initially submitted information about the Improved Rain Gauge to Innovation Direct[TM] in June 2012 on the company's Confidential Product Outline.
In our work, an important volume of meteorological information, including RAOBs data, SYNOP reports and rain gauge data, has been used to define and evaluate the rain detection method.
Weather forecasting and how to make your own rain gauge are also covered.
A rain gauge (also known as a udometer or a pluviometer or a cup) is a type of instrument used by meteorologists and hydrologists to gather and measure the amount of liquid precipitation over a set period.
They've been learning how to make a rain gauge using a plastic bottle and, to level it off, they used jelly.
Fukuda said the rain gauge set up on the line did not show a level requiring train operations to be halted.
We had up to half an inch of rain before racing and I haven't been back to a rain gauge since but I'd imagine it''s nearly up to threequarters of an inch now.
We had up to half an inch of rain before racing and I haven't been back to a rain gauge since, but I'd imagine it's nearly up to three-quarters of an inch now and we had to call it off"
Make four copies of the rain gauge on the next page.
It features a number of sensor specifications, including rain gauge, wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, and total solar radiation.
ANSWERS: 1 Kenya' 2 Ten pounds' 3 Harold II' 4 The marlin' 5 It is interlaced with gold or silver thread' 6 Green' 7 His high-powered motorbike' 8 The threepenny piece' 9 Tattersalls' 10 A rain gauge.