rain forest

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a forest with heavy annual rainfall

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Using the materials provided, design the layers of a rain forest.
Rain forest soil is nutrient-poor, so farmers must exploit new areas of forest every few years.
In fact, pollen fossils from before the impact show that South America's dino-era forests were dramatically different from the tropical rain forests Titanoboa called home.
Explain what that industry gains and what the rain forest stands to lose, as well as alternatives the industry might consider.
Tropical rain forests are located near the equator.
Once again our third-graders have become totally immersed in a two-month-long investigation of the tropical rain forests.
And she sets out to prove she is right by taking Cole on an adventure of a lifetime through her rain forest.
A North Bay environmental firm is hoping an ecotourism project in the tropical rain forests of Guyana will open doors to new opportunities in Latin and South America.
While corporate logging interests represent a large threat to the rain forest, the massive influx of small farmers who stake their claim in the rain forest is even more problematic.
Baumgarten spent 1978 to 1980 with the Yanomami, but The Origin of the Night was shot before he'd set foot in a rain forest.
The primary reason for this phenomenon is the rapacious construction of roads built to accommodate economic exploitation of the rain forest.
Bold colors, unusual sounds, magnificent lush plants, and exotic animals are all part of what makes a tropical rain forest an exciting and engaging subject for students of all ages.
Whether operating in standard or accessible mode, students can experience the sights and sounds of the rain forest in Belize without leaving the classroom.
At dawn, the rain forest resonates with birdsong; in the heat of the day, it is quiet.
As part of the project, the kids sold candy and shirts to raise funds for forest preservation; the school currently owns four acres of a Costa Rican rain forest as part of an earlier initiative.